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Formerly known as Jinxi Park, the 5,060-m2 Chiang Wei-shui Memorial Park in Dadaocheng is Datong District's largest neighborhood park.  Chiang Wei-shui was a democracy activist and cultural visionary whose well-known feats — notably the founding of Da-an Hospital, Taiwan Cultural Society and The Taiwan Minpao (i.e. People's News) wholesale headquarters — were mostly documented in Dadaocheng. The memorial park, unveiled by Taipei City Government in Chiang's honor, features an arched facade and a stele near the entrance. The side of the stele is inscribed with Chiang's biography, written by historian Zhuang Yong-ming and available in Chinese, English and Japanese languages, allowing local and foreign tourists to appreciate the historic and cultural significance of the Park. As part of the baroque façade (inspired by Dihua Street storefronts to acknowledge local aesthetics), an awe-inspiring slab inscription is embedded below the horizontal plaque. It reads, "Monument Dedicated to Chiang Wei-Shui" and flanked by columns bearing calligrapher Pan Qing-zhong's work: "In solidarity, we can do everything, my fellow countrymen!"
No. 51, Jinxi St., Datong Dist., Taipei City, 103
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