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Hidden within the high cement walls in the alleys is a double-story Japanese western-style building. The building has a pebble wash base, round windows and weatherboard at the lower portion of the gable wall. It has a bay window design, and part of the brim forms the ceiling.  Formerly a dilapidated old house hidden within the cement walls in the alleys, it was restored and transformed as a jewel box, Miracle x HOUSE, as part of the old house movement renovation program. It is the first Japanese historical building whose restoration work was fully funded by the private sector. It is also one of the few double-story Japanese western-style buildings in Taipei City.  Visitors may admire the aesthetics of the metalwork and enjoy the natural and innovative Italian cuisine. The public is welcome to visit this cultural monument, and see how new values were seamlessly blended into a historic building.   
Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City, 104
MRT Stations in 1KM:
OR: Minquan W. Rd., 0.79km
RE: Minquan W. Rd., 0.79km
RE: Yuanshan, 0.90km
OR: Xingtian Temple, 0.98km
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