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The statue of Imperial Lord Wen Chang was transported to Taiwan by a merchant from China during the Japanese colonial period. The merchant, who was staying away from home, worshipped the statue day and night. However, after his business failed, he lost interest in worshipping, and abandoned the statue in a forest. One evening, a woman saw the statue. Not knowing where the deity was from, she gathered many people in a ceremonial reception to welcome the deity. An old man felt that the statue bore resemblance to Imperial Lord Wen Chang, the deity who looks after the fortune and reputation of people. Hence, they built a small temple on Lane 45 of Minsheng East Road to properly worship it. Later, most believers seeking academic success came to worship the statue. It was said that their wishes were oftentimes granted.  It is the only temple in the district that enshrines Imperial Lord Wen Chang. It has many worshippers, and students who come to pray for success during the examination period often have their wishes come true. 
Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City, 104
MRT Stations in 1KM:
RE: Shuanglian, 0.18km
OR: Minquan W. Rd., 0.38km
RE: Minquan W. Rd., 0.38km
RE: Zhongshan, 0.73km
GR: Zhongshan, 0.73km
OR: Daqiaotou, 0.92km
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