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The Taipei Chen Clan Ancestral Hall, built by the Grand Architect, Chen Ing-Bin, has a front hall with a hip-and-gable and double-eave roof, wooden structure and unique dougongs (interlocking wooden brackets), and smooth curvy roof ridges and eaves. Its stone-carved dual dragon pillar is regarded as one of the earliest examples of its design, and had a great impact on the later temple architecture. The main hall's huge wood-carved shrine is large, with intricate carvings and is famous for the delicate fence design. The tin prayer tools and candle stands in front of the shrine are particularly rare in Taiwan for their preservation and unique design. The building is worth a visit as it possesses great artistic value. It is well-maintained for its usage, not only as the Chen's Ancestral Hall, but also as a kindergarten during non-holidays.
Datong Dist., Taipei City, 103
MRT Stations in 1KM:
RE: Shuanglian, 0.54km
RE: Zhongshan, 0.56km
GR: Zhongshan, 0.56km
OR: Minquan W. Rd., 0.85km
RE: Minquan W. Rd., 0.85km
GR: Beimen, 0.87km
OR: Daqiaotou, 0.90km
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