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Built in March 29, 1957, the Education Center was the first public art gallery in Taiwan, and also the only government organization whose core activity is devoted solely to promoting "arts education". Honoring the relationship of "human and art" as its establishment philosophy, the center lays the foundation of art by promoting arts education in schools; it also works with various parties in promoting aesthetic education, to "bring art to life, and bring life to art".  The center is situated within the compound of Nanhai Academy, where many natural and cultural elements are blended beautifully together. The Center was built in the ‘50s, with a new architectural post-war Chinese classical style. The center consists of two main buildings: Nanhai Theater and Nanhai College. There are also Nanhai Outdoor Gallery and Nanhai Arts and Culture Square. The center oversees and promotes school arts education and research, as well as promotion and counselling activities. It is an important place for arts publication, learning and cultivating creative talents.  In 2006, Taipei Historical Buildings Review Committee reached a conclusion that the building (including Nanhai Theater and Nanhai College) should be considered a "historical building". Together with the neighboring National Education Radio and National Museum of History, they form a unique group of structures within "Nanhai Academy", preserving historical values and contributing to the beauty of the community landscape.   
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