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The South Gate, or "Lizheng Gate", was completed in 1884 (the 10th year of Emperor Guangxu's reign) and boasts the most stately façade that befits the majestic main gate of Taipei City. Built with elaborately crafted stones from the suburban Dazhi area, the South Gate features a hornless dragon (chilong) motif that sets it apart from similar structures in the neighborhood. Having survived the Japanese colonialist offensives that ruined much of the city's protective structures, though, the South Gate, nevertheless, was starting to show signs of age. A Nationalist Government's attempt to restore its façade in the Northern Chinese palatial style totally changed its looks but, fortunately, preserved both the masonry foundation and round opening in the wall. Located beside the Class-1 historic site of Taiwan Tobacco and Wine Monopoly Bureau at the intersection of Gongyuan Rd., Nanchang St and Aiguo W. Rd., and due to its proximity to the President's Residence, the area is heavily guarded with "plainclothes" military policemen who can easily intimidate passersby, which is a shame. Next time when you walk by, don't forget to slow down and appreciate this beautiful gate that once defended Taipei City from harm.
Roundabout at the intersection of Aiguo W. Rd. and Gongyuan Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City, 100
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