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Taipei's Tianhou Temple, is also known as "Ximending Mazu Temple" since the principle deity here is Mazu. The temple was built in 1746 with funds donated by immigrant merchants from Zhangzhou and Quanzhou in Fujian, China. It is one of the three major temples in Taiwan from Qing period along with Bangka Longshan Temple and Bangka Zushih Temple. Tianhou Temple is dedicated to the principle deity Mazu. It is also the only temple in Taiwan where the deity Hongfa Dashi. The god is also widely worshipped by Japanese Buddhists as "Kouhou Dashi", so the temple attracts many Japanese tourists.
No. 51, Chengdu Rd., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City, 108
MRT Stations in 1KM:
GR: Ximen, 0.21km
BL: Ximen, 0.21km
GR: Beimen, 0.85km
GR: Xiaonanmen, 0.92km
RE: NTU Hospital, 0.99km
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