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Sanjiaodu is situated at a place known by the locals as Hougangqian, connecting Shezi, Jiantan and Dalongdong (Dalangbeng). With land reclamation and the forming of villages, the interconnection between the towns and villages gradually became important. Other than providing transport connecting the towns and villages, Sanjiaodu is also a harbor for boats of the neighboring residents. Besides agricultural activities, locals also raised ducks, caught clams and fish in the river as means of living. In the later days, due to river improvement works, the harbor gradually lost its functions. The history of Sanjiaodu witnessed the changes of Danshui River; it is a place with significant historical value.  Today, only a dozen sampan boats dock at Sanjiaodu, wordlessly recounting the stories of the jetty. Master Zheng, born in a ship building family in Sanjiaodu of Jiantan, Taipei, is one of Taiwan's few remaining masters who build dragon boats by hand. By passing down the skills and sowing the seeds of culture, the memories of the waterfront can be continued, and this passion for what was beautiful and valuable can be rekindled.   
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