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Jiantan Mountain is 153 meters above sea level and is located inside the Yuanshan Scenic Area in Shilin District of Taipei City. It is situated behind the Grand Hotel and is also the hill nearest to the City center. The trail along the ridge will also lead to the other mountains. It is an easy and relaxing trail for hikers to take in the panoramic views of the city, and it is accessible via a variety of public transportation means. Jiantan Mountain Trail The entrance to the mountain is located at Sec. 4 of Zhongshan N. Rd. near MRT Jiantan Station. This was once a military control zone and also a conservation area; thus, its natural habitat and ecology are well preserved. In addition, numerous manually cultivated plants can be seen along the trail, enriching it with greenness and vitality. This trail has become a popular venue for nearby residents doing their morning exercises. The "Old Place" for instance, is one of those famous "exercise spots". Along the trail, one can see the Grand Hotel and Keelung Riverside Park. At the end of this easy-to-traverse trail you'll come out at Lane 165 of Tongbei Rd., near Beian Rd. intersection. Beautiful Night Scenes from Jiantan Mountain The night scenery of Jiantan Mountain Trail has always been popular, and not without reason. Located at a high altitude in the midst of a bustling city, coupled with airplanes flying low across the night sky above, the ambience it generates always creates excitement and anticipation; the place has thus become a popular hangout for young couples and students. What adds to the allure, are the delicacies of Shilin Night Market, and it is no wonder that the trail has more hikers during the nighttime than daytime!  
Lane 400, Beian Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City, 111
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