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Commonly known as the "Old Street Temple", Shen Nong Temple is one of the three main temples of Shilin, along with Zhishan's Yan Hui Ji Temple and Xinjie's Ci Xian Temple. It is also the oldest among the three. According to the extant inscription, "Zhi Lan Temple Inscription", from the Qianlong reign of Qing Dynasty, the temple's beginning can be traced back to "Fu De Ancestral Hall" in Xiashulinpu as early as the 48th year of Emperor Kangxi reign (1709). However, since the landmark was destroyed in a flood in the 6th year of Emperor Qianlong reign (1741), the locals rebuilt the temple on Zhilan Street. Shen Nong Temple was known as "Zhi Lan Temple" in the old days. Due to the fact that the people worshipped Fu De Zheng Shen (the Earth God) as the main deity, it was hence also called "Fu De Temple". During the Jiaqing reign of the Qing Dynasty, Shen Nong Emperor (also known as Emperor of the Five Grains) was established as the main deity,  the temple was hence renamed, "Shen Nong Temple".  An ancient incense burner from the Qing Dynasty, a longevity tablet with the temple record from the Qing Dynasty, five steles from the Qianlong to Daoguang reigns, and a pair of stone pillars from the Japanese colonial period are among the historical monuments still extant.   
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