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Taipei Children's Amusement Park, built by the Taipei City Government, stands on area of about 5 hectares. The park is decked out with rides, a free playground, and a children's theatre operated by the IF Kids Theatre Company, where an exciting program of skits and shows is staged during weekends and holidays.   The amusement park is a family theme park in the Taipei metropolitan area, with 13 rides, including the brand new Ferris Wheel, Bumper Cars, Ocean Carousel (musical carriage), Dancing Fly (dragon boat), Wave Swinger, Monorail and Spinning Tea Cups, Roller Coaster, Crazy Bus, Drop Tower, Pirate Ship, Telecombat and Spinning Chairs.   The Park has 4 main features, including a payment mode that integrated EasyCard, admission with EasyCard, and rides payable with EasyCard. Several stores in the park also accept EasyCard as a payment method. The park has also set up EasyCard kiosks to better service visitors. There are 20 stores spreading across the park, so please feel free to check out the food court, convenience stores, souvenir shops, etc. With an indoor car park for cars and scooters, and an indoor play area for families, a playground of buoy balls and slot machines, visitors can enjoy themselves in the amusement park, rain or shine.   Jihe Road sits the north of the Park, neighboring Shuangxi Creek; to the east is Jihe Road, which abuts on Meilun Park; and to the south is Shishang Road, shouldering the Science Education Center. Visitors can take the MRT to Jiantan Station or Shilin Station and make transfers on a shuttle bus.   
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