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The College of Law of National Taiwan University, located in Xuzhou Road, was the former site of the Taihoku College of Commerce during the Japanese Colonial Period. The building architecture is exquisite classic western style. The front gate is made of sandstone produced in Taipei with copper lamps installed on the top to convey a primitive simplicity. The pond and garden still remain in the square inside the gate. The Administrative Building is of a splendid, ornate Baroque style. The façade of the architecture has classic Greek pillars and semi-arches, and roof is covered with Japanese black tiles. It is a building where Chinese and Western creativity and ingenuity mix, exhibiting a unique beauty. As for the interior, in the spacious auditorium with a wide-span, the rostrum and seats are mostly valuable originals. In addition, the plane of this historic site is in the form of a four-section compound, with a courtyard in the middle. The verdant courtyard and campus, flowers and plants shining with the reflections from the pond, form a tranquil and classic scene worthy of being cherished and preserved.
No. 21, Xuzhou Rd., Da'an Dist., Taipei City, 106
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