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A scarecrow protects the paddy field without fear of the wind or the rain, and battles against the birds in the sky. Birds hesitate to feed on the crops due to their fear of the humanoid scarecrow. At the channelization island on the junction of Dunhua South Road and Heping East Road stands a scarecrow made of marble. The scarecrow looks like a cube covered with lines. Through a close examination, one will discover that between the gaps of the dense lines hides a scarecrow which seems to be made of straw. The designer of this public art, Mr. Kan-Tan, explains that by putting together a simple character piece with cultural affiliation, and displaying it on a bustling city street, he hopes to make a memorable impression on the viewers.
Dunhua South Road, Da'an Dist., Taipei City, 106
MRT Stations in 1KM:
BR: Liuzhangli, 0.39km
BR: Technology Building, 0.60km
RE: Xinyi Anhe, 0.95km
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