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Located at the intersection of Dunhua N. Road and Nanjing E. Road, "Peaceful and Content" is a marble sculpture that measures at 250 cm in length, 60 cm in width and 180 cm in height. It resembles the shape of a fish enveloped in river- or sea-water and adorned with layers of wave-like stripes, creating an incredible illusion of motion as if it were swimming ahead with ease. Some gaps in the marble create a space where the tangible mixes with the intangible, to offer a thought-provoking metaphor for the relationship between fish and water. Lin Chin-Tsung , who created "Peaceful and Content", is a Hualien resident with inexhaustible passion for the art of stone carving. He is impressed by how the naturally occurring Hualien marble comes in varying hues with natural bands of colors, and how water erosion gives it widely distinctive shapes ranging from clouds in the sky to adorable animals on land. As a result, he started using marble to create artworks that are one of a kind. His renowned projects include: "A Fish-Shaped Landscape", which was erected in front of the Hualien County Government building, "Fish" in the Xiao Yehliu National Scenic Area, Taitung, and "Peaceful and Content" at the intersection of Dunhua-Nanjing Roads.
Dunhua North Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City, 105
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GR: Taipei Arena, 0.39km
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GR: Nanjing Fuxing, 0.44km
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