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Standing conspicuously on the channelization island where Qingcheng Street and Dunhua N. Road meet, "Jump" is a piece of red installation art that resembles a blunt kitchen knife with a handle. The three thought-provoking tentacles on top of it, however, continually keep viewers wondering what they are; this may be the purpose of the design. Some believe that "Jump" depicts a man standing on one leg, waving both hands in the air as if he was straining forward, although interpretations vary among different viewers. In Taipei City's east end, a melting pot of culture, "Jump" is a command to leap toward the sky into endless time; its vibrant red conveys passion in the midst of the cold grayish cityscape.
Intersection of Qingcheng St. and Dunhua N. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City, 105
MRT Stations in 1KM:
BR: Nanjing Fuxing, 0.71km
GR: Nanjing Fuxing, 0.71km
BR: Songshan Airport, 0.73km
GR: Taipei Arena, 0.76km
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