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The three most popular mountains in Neihu are: Zhongyong Mountain, Liyu Mountain and Yuanjuejian Mountain; they are also known as the "Three Mountains of Neihu". Their altitudes are 325, 223 and 290 meters, respectively. Zhongyong Mountain is the largest ridge of Wuzhi Mountain, and is a typical pointed-shape mountain. Liyu Mountain is high at one end and low on the end, making it shaped like a carp. Yuanjuejian Mountain is smaller, and derives its name from the Yuanjue Temple at its hillside. Zhongyong Mountain & Liyu Mountain Trail The Zhongyong Mountain and Liyu Mountain Trail begin at the Dahu Villa Stop in Neihu. Along the trail are several famous temples. There is also the elegant Yuanjue Waterfall. At a high altitude, you will have an unobstructed and magnificent view of Taipei City. The trail is accompanied by the serene flow of Dagou Creek, and the wood-made path serves as a complement to the river and forest. As one traverses further down the trail, the forest becomes denser; flowers and the singing of colorful birds create an aura of excitement. At the end of the trail is Jinlong Temple, and with the "escort" of the Eighteen Arhats, this wonderful journey will soon end. Zhongyong Mountain There is a bronze statue of Chiang Kai-shek at the peak of the mountain. Starting from Jinlong Temple, the trail is rocky and steep, similar to a Hero Slope. The journey will require more stamina and is more challenging. Liyu Mountain Liyu Mountain is located at the south-eastern side of Zhongyong Mountain and the two mountains are connected. Its name is derived from its head-high and tail-low shape, which resembles a carp. Some people also called it the Xiaokengjian Mountain. Viewed from the sides of the mountain, one can see the steep cliffs and dense forest gradually extending toward the bottom, which is a marvelous sight indeed that promises to lift your spirit right away.  
Lane 131, Dahu St., Neihu Dist., Taipei City, 114
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