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The well-known "Cherry Blossom Tunnel," located at Fuxing 3rd Road, Datun Village, Beitou District, is a splendid sea of flowers that travels the entire length of the road. The trees were planted as part of the plan initiated by Beitou District Office in earlier times. The beautiful view we see today was the effort of years of nurturing and caring, and support from both the village office and the locals.  As the cherry trees begin to bloom on both sides of the road, the view starts to take on quite a memorable spin. The stretch of the road starts from Fuxing 3rd Road all the way to Baigong Villa. Take a stroll along the road dotted with fallen cherry flowers, and feel your senses awakened by the hint of fragrance, and the elegant soft blossomy snow.  
Fuxing 3rd Road (Beside Baigong Villa), Beitou Dist., Taipei City, 112
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RE: Xinbeitou, 1.35km
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