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The center of attraction of Xinglong Park is the scenic lake. The lake is modeled after an ancient style, with dripping willow and shady trees, portraying a poetic atmosphere, which is one of the characteristics of the park. It also has an artificial hill, fountain, leisure paths by the side of the lake and an arch bridge in the center of it. This scenic park with a classical style has attracted many wedding photographers coming here to capture shots of the new couples. Northeast of the lake is the park monument; to the north is a children's playground as well as a new basement car park built by the Parking Management Office. It is hoped that the public can enjoy more parking space and better service. In the park, there are trees like melaleuca, banyan tree, maple tree, alstonia scholaris, lagerstroemia, floss-silk tree, bauhinia, cherry blossom and coconut. With the shade provided by these trees, as well as the stone tables and chairs provided by the public for the people to rest; the park has attracted more people coming here to exercise and kick back in leisure. The public has also taken the initiative in maintaining the cleanliness and space of this recreational space. Whenever the golden evening sun shines on the entire park, it gives the impression that one is immersed in a rustic rural countryside. If you come here at the right time, you will enjoy these moments of peace… the tranquility begins here. The park is well recommended for its convenient location and accessibility, and a comfortable distance from the bustling crowd.
Beside No.154, Section 2, Xinglong Road, Wenshan Dist., Taipei City, 116
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