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The minimalist buildings of Shih Chien University (SCU) were completed using the emerging "exposed concrete surface method" that primarily leaves concrete structures unpainted and un-tiled after the casting mold is removed, to preserve the natural texture of the construction materials (bare concrete, exposed aggregate, steel, glass and metals) in a harmonious architectural fashion. The method, using bare concrete is as the main material, has been applied to the Tung-Min Memorial Hall that houses the College of Design, the revamped Library and Information Building, and the new Sport Center. Students from the Department of Fashion Design, an academic highlight of SCU, are able to freely present their works in multiple venues around the department building, such as the stairwells, bathrooms, or anywhere else they please, in pursuit of their creative vision.
No. 70, Dazhi St., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City, 104
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