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Cycling along Xindian River and passing through the greenery shielded by a mixture of high and low-rise buildings, one can turn into the "Machangding Memorial Park" after reaching the Machangding cycling path. This park is located by the Xindian riverbank and is a neighboring park to Qingnian Park. "Machangding Memorial Park" was formerly a plot of land used for military purposes, and the Taipei City Government, through negotiations with various parties, successfully won for the right to build the "Machangding Memorial Park". Together with the nearby Huajiang Wild Duck Nature Park, they provide the Wanhua District a nice place for leisure and relaxation activities. The long stairway by the riverbank is a good place to watch the sunrise. With its wide horizon, one can see the beautiful reflection of the sun on the surface of the river. On a fine weather day, you will see the morning sun slowly rising from the side of the Taipei 101 skyscraper at a distance, with the morning rays occasionally seeping through the clouds and casting glorious reflections on the Xindian River, forming a river of gold, which is truly mesmerizing. A mound was erected in the Machangding Memorial Park, and the stele in front of the mound is inscribed with this message: "1950s marked a martial law period where hot-blooded men and righteous men who pursued social justice and political reform were arrested and executed near the Machangding mound. Machangding mound is preserved in memory of this historical event and the heroic death of the thousands who have sacrificed their lives for Taiwan. It is also a place for future generations to visit and pay their respect."
Shuiyuan Road and Qingnian Road intersection, Wanhua Dist., Taipei City, 108
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