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Junjianyan is an ideal site for school field trips owing to its convenient location in Taipei's suburbs and its special geological and botanical features. PictureWith an elevation of just 185m and numerous easily accessible paths, Junjianyan is popular with hill walkers everyday. Ascending from in front of the Yangming University campus research building (about 800m away from MRT-Qilian station) takes around 30 minutes by means of a 500m-long stone stairway. A fork in the middle of this path offers the choice of paved and railed route to the right and natural sandstone to the left. The huge white rock on the top resembles a battleship, which is the origin of the name in Chinese. This offers magnificent views back over rural and urban Taipei. An alternative route, also by means of a 500m-long stairway, leaves from the MRT-Shipai station behind the Veteran General Hospital. Mid-altitude plants such as Pieris taiwanensis Hayata and rough-leaved holly are found alongside the path. Danfeng Mountain, at an elevation of 117m, is reached about 350m by a path that leaves from beside the General Chen Ji-tang Mausoleum on Qiyan Road in Old Beitou. The path continues up to Zhaominjing Temple, as does another that starts from Danfeng Heights at Lane 201, Qiyan Road. The temple, also called Lovers' Temple is located on Chongyang 7th Road. Taking the southeasterly path from the temple, Junjianyan is about 1.2 kilometers away. Two other routes also lead to this spot, both starting at the Yangming Mountain First Cemetery located at the intersection of Xingyi Road and Quanyuan Road. From 220-12 Quanyuan Road, follow the uphill path inside the cemetery to a fork about 160m further on; the westerly route of Huangxi Mountain (281 meters above sea level) path runs about 1.1 kilometers to Junjianyan, the southerly route about 1.4 kilometers.
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